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Petitioning Assistant Manager Township Secretary Open Records Officer Brenda L. Lamanna and 8 others

Save The Valley: Stop the development on the 325 acres in Beaver Valley, Concord Twp PA


This area, known locally as "The Valley" but formally as "Beaver Valley", is known for its immense beauties, recreational wonders, historic significance, and ecologic values. The land at stake adjoins the newly recognized National Monument in Wilmington, DE and Delaware County, PA. Developers are attempting to purchase this land and change zoning laws so that it may be bulldozed and built upon before the remainder of the land joins our new National Monument.
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Letter to
Assistant Manager Township Secretary Open Records Officer Brenda L. Lamanna
Township of Concord Board of Supervisors John J. Gillespie
Rockford Woodlawn Fund, Vice-President Vernon Green
and 6 others
Rockford Woodlawn Fund, President Rodney A. Lambert
Rockford Woodlawn Fund, Asst. Secretary Donna Gooden
Township of Concord Board of Supervisors Dominic A. Pileggi
Township of Concord Board of Supervisors Dominic J. Cappelli, Jr
Township of Concord Board of Supervisors Kevin P. O'Donoghue
Township of Concord Board of Supervisors Elizabeth A. Salvucci
We, the undersigned, support the permanent protection of the 325 acres of open space, farmlands, and their natural and historic cultural resources currently owned by Woodlawn Trustees in Concord Township. We desire that these properties remain available to the public in perpetuity for recreational activities such as hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, and wildlife watching and that the natural and historical/cultural resources that they contain be preserved, and made available to the public for study and interpretation. With a population density that approaches or exceeds 1,250 per square mile, Concord Township and the region do not need more big box stores, retail commercial strip centers and residential developments which destroy open space, natural and historic resources, and cause even more congestion on already overcrowded highways. We ask that Woodlawn Trustees and elected officials at all levels work together with the community to preserve this irreplaceable property and its associated natural and historical/cultural resources.

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