Save the Unfinished Home on Wild Rose Ln SW

Save the Unfinished Home on Wild Rose Ln SW

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Why this petition matters

Where is the unfinished house on the hill in Rochester?
The home is located at 2630 Wild Rose Lane Southwest and is hard to miss. From the vantage point of Bamber Valley Elementary School, a person looking up at Hawk Hill to the southwest will quickly spot what Gwaltney says looks like a commercial building constructed of concrete and green colored materials towering above the other homes in the same area. She says the 15,000 square foot structure was built by a commercial builder using concrete and steel beams because of the immense size of the house.

How did the structure as we see it today come to be?
According to Gwaltney, what exists today represents the uncompleted vision of a couple who purchased the four-acre lot with an existing home worth approximately $700,000 to $800,000. On the podcast, Robin indicated she was surprised when the couple declined to see the home and explained their plans to remove the house and build their dream home on the property. Gwaltney noted that the couple salvaged quite a bit from the existing home, including cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and appliances, which were donated to the Restore in Rochester to benefit Habitat for Humanity.

Construction at the site began in 2017, with the new owners making a sizable investment in new septic systems and a well to serve what Gwaltney describes as what was to be an amazing home. She says when she looked at the plans all she could say is "wow."

Why did construction stop on the Hawk Hill/Wild Rose Ln house in Rochester?Gwaltney says more than $2 million was invested in the project before it ground to a halt when the couple separated and legal issues arose as they began the process of dissolving their marriage. She also says that is when the rumors began to fly. Gwaltney says those rumors concerning the status of the unfinished home included the couple running out of money, the necessary permits for the project were not obtained, or the home was not built to code and was not safe. She says "none of it" was true.

How do the neighbors feel about the unfinished Wild Rose Ln Home?
Gwaltney says what is true, is that many of the neighbors living in the area are "sick of looking at it." She says adding a chain-link fence around the property for liability reasons added to that sentiment and led to a petition that was brought to the Rochester Township Board, which has been pushing to have the unfinished structure demolished if the owners cannot find a buyer intending to complete the home.


Was the listing for 2630 Wild Rose Lane SW Rochester taken down?
Robin says she recently listed the property and was inundated with dozens of calls, not from potential buyers, but from people wanting to share what was mostly false information. Gwaltney says that prompted her to remove the listing, but she remains hopeful of finding someone with the vision and resources to finish the project and create what she says would be "the nicest home in Rochester."


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41 have signed. Let’s get to 50!