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Save the Spiny Dogfish

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Many schools across the U.S.A. dissect animals yearly. Even more companies across the globe are using shark meat for food. Dissecting animals is a great way to teach students about various organ systems and using shark meat for fish and chips is not a bad thing. However, the spiny dogfish shark is now globally considered vulnerable on the IUCN red list. Additionally, on the United States' East Coast they are considered endangered. Currently, the vast majority of states along the Atlantic coast of the US have few restrictions regarding the spiny dogfish shark. Fisheries can kill many dogfish. Many companies and schools across the globe are indirectly supporting these policies, which will eventually drive this susceptible species of shark to extinction. Dogfish sharks can be saved by dissecting and eating more sustainable species, such as the Atlantic sharpnose shark (least concern) and blacknose shark (near threatened). You can help save these beautiful, overfished sharks by signing this petition to stop the dissection of (which will in turn, reduce the fishing of) spiny dogfish sharks. Alone, we are weak, but together, we are strong. Thank you.

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