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Save the SJSU Physical Activity Program!

Dear Reader:

As you may or may not know, the California State University in general, including San José State University, is facing a budget shortfall next academic year. Many programs and “ways of doing things” are being considered for possible cuts or modifications as a means to save money.

One of the possible cutbacks is the total elimination of the physical activity classes on the SJSU campus. These are the 1 unit activity classes and it is our understanding that if this proposal is passed, all such classes will no longer be offered.

If that were to happen, we would be the only CSU not offering physical activity classes. Most other universities, from Harvard to Cal Tech, have an activity program and roughly 50% require some physical activity classes, as does SJSU (2 units).

Where would the nearly 5,000 students currently taking these classes go to work on fitness and health? The SJSU Event Center is always crowded and could not cope with everyone who wants to work out. Evening intramurals, fun as they are, also work with small numbers, and would not have the same “get you up in the morning” attraction as a class. Athletics, of course, will be around for the 1% of highly skilled athletes, but the 99% will be left with nowhere on campus, nowhere off campus that is convenient, or affordable.

Imagine SJSU with no activity classes!
Imagine student stress levels without regular physical activity classes!
Imagine the loss of the camaraderie of these classes, where students from different majors meet!

But this is not a “done deal” and you can make a difference:

• Sign the online petition
• Write a letter to the Spartan Daily and/or the San Jose Mercury News
• Talk to friends, students, professors, advisors, administrators, and staff and tell them first-hand what you think of this idea and why keeping SJSU KIN physical activity classes is important

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This is about student health and well-being and we take it seriously! We urge you to sign the petition.

Thank you.

Concerned students, faculty, and staff from across the SJSU campus

Physical Activity: At the Heart of Our Education

Letter to
San Jose State University Office of the Provost and SJSU Adminstrators
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Office of the Provost, San Jose State University, and SJSU Adminstrators.

Dear SJSU Administrators,

We, the undersigned:

• Understand the many physical, mental, social and emotional benefits that come with participation in regular physical activity, and understand we are “saying yes to life”!

• Feel that physical activity helps relieve stress from studying, and from work/home pressures, and on top of stress relief, physical activity is also fun

• Know that students study better and harder because they have exercised

• Think these classes are well taught and very convenient; classes that expand knowledge of physical activity and sports and how to keep active after college

• Know students don’t have the money to go to a health club and there’s no other program on the SJSU campus that could give regular students (not student-athletes) the expertise and breadth of classes that are offered here in the KIN PA Program

• Enjoy learning new activities while making friends and staying fit

• Acknowledge the university is in a tough spot financially, but cutting physical activity classes is the wrong move and isn’t likely to save money in the long term

We urge you to consider the health and well-being of students, and suggest (as has been shown in research, in businesses, and in education) that cutting this program will likely lead to increased ill-health, absenteeism, strains on counseling and student health services; in short, it may lead to more costs for the university.

Physical activity is the heart of education!



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