Save the satin bowerbird, ban the blue plastic ring!

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Satin bowerbirds love to decorate their bowers with blue objects but tragically, their love of blue plastic can kill them. This disturbing photo is of a dead satin bowerbird my son found in our own backyard. We cried!

Male satin bowerbirds are sleek and charismatic. David Attenborough dedicated an episode to these beautiful birds in Bowerbirds: The Art of Seduction.

Satin bowerbirds live in bushland close to our cities. They regularly visit my 'Land For Wildlife' property in South East Queensland. Their very existence is threatened by blue plastic rings which are discarded from the lids of milk and juice bottles. The rings get caught around the birds beak and neck causing an excruciating death from starvation or suffocation. This silent killer is impacting these iconic birds in our own backyards all along the east coast of Australia. Satin bowerbirds fall victim to plastic waste It is heart-breaking. I can only wonder, how many birds are dying, unnoticed?

What can we do to protect our unique wildlife from death by plastic? Stop buying milk/juice brands which have blue plastic rings! Woolworths Milk , Coles MilkPauls Milk (Parmalat), Daily Juice and Nudie Juice are brands which use blue plastic rings - tell them you won't buy products with blue plastic rings. In 1995, Professor Bruce Lindenmayer was able to convince the Canberra Milk company to switch their bottle-top lids from blue to black. Demand that manufacturers immediately change the colour of the plastic lids and rings, and in the long term stop producing unnecessary plastic rings on plastic bottles!