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Save the Roswell Chicken Man

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This is America, the Land of the Free and the Brave, not Communist Russia so if you believe in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and our Constitution, PLEASE COPY AND SHARE AND ASK YOUR FRIENDS TO SHARE THIS and please copy the link and send to everyone on your email list.  SHARE ON YOUR FACEBOOK PAGES Please copy and past the links and nicely ask them to take a look and to try to contact Mr. Wordes as he will soon be homeless due to what most citizens believe to be Roswell's illegal and vindictive behavior.


"Wealthy Atlanta suburb tries to steal a victims home after it floods due to the city's lack of control of its own storm water runoff.

Roswell has been after Andrew Wordes (The Chicken Man) for years because they tried to make him get rid of his chickens. First they took him to court and LOST so they decided to write a new law and then took him to court and lost AGAIN! Then Roswell declared war on him. About 30 separate traffic stops, 12 citations that will be likely thrown out of court at jury trials. Roswell Code Enforcement Dir. then called his widowed 80 year old mortgage holder (of 16 years) threatening to take the mortgaged property for zoning violations fines and fees that do not exist.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and there are PLENTY of witnesses over the last three years. Then when he obtained a lawyer to fight their recent lawsuit to steal his home, they revoked his probation for a minor zoning infraction and sent him to jail for 99 days. Funny how they dismiss the 55 page lawsuit THEY FILED against him and his property knowing he would lose his house if they keep him in jail. They also would not have to answer the interrogatories which could have shown Roswell's unethical involvement in the jailing him, lose of his home, and not allowing him to produce evidence, documents and lawsuits that a Federal Bankruptcy Trustee has ordered him to produce. "

Roswell has clearly overstepped its bounds, violated laws and there are numerous civil rights violations and they have been doing everything they can to hurt him and force him from his home of 16 years. All because they took him to court TWICE and lost. As you can see from reading this there is nothing that will stop them, other than having to face Mr. Wordes in court and they will stop at nothing to insure that will never happen.


* December 2008: Roswell Zoning Department issues a warning for the chickens on his property. (At that time, the City of Roswell’s Code of Ordinances said “On less than two acres you MAY NOT have livestock except for poultry and swine.”) The City decided to issue a citation anyway. Mayor Wood attempts to step in and stop the city, but the city moves forward. Both parties head to court.

* Spring 2009: Mr. Wordes hires former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes to represent him against the city. Both parties presented their cases to Judge Maurice Hilliard who gives the city of Roswell sixty days (60) to reconsider their position and gracefully bow out. Finally Roswell decides they want to move forward and the judge immediately issues a dismissal of the case against the Chicken Man.

*Summer 2009: The Roswell City Council rewrites the law, without a ‘grandfather clause’, to make all but 6 chickens on a property illegal–directly targeting and affecting Mr. Wordes. The law further states that the ‘legal’ chickens must remain in a permanent enclosure.**

(**Mr. Wordes property sits in a flood plain. 3-4 feet of water rises on his property when it rains hard. Because of this, the city would not issue a permit for a permanent enclosure, therefore making it ‘illegal’ for him to have his birds. This is important because after the storms and flooding in September 2009, with a 6 foot storm surge of Storm Water the sewer backed causing 3 feet of Storm Water and SEWAGE on the ground level of his home. In order to save his home AND his chickens, Mr. Wordes borrowed a BobCat to move the dirt around. He was subsequently issued citations for too many chickens, grading of property without a permit and too many cars on his property. The City also did not submit requests for FEMA funds for the property as FEMA representatives had assured Mr. Wordes and his neighbors they would approve. The property has flooded several times since this initial flood. As recently as April 15, 2011 and it was recorded by CBS ATLANTA

* Additional issues that make this situation stand out.

* The City of Roswell contacted Mr. Wordes mortgage holder, an elderly woman who has held his mortgage for the entirety of his 16 years in his home. With the threat of liens, citations and grievances, the City pressures Wordes’ mortgage holder into SELLING the note to an investor for 50 cents on the dollar. The current mortgage holder is attempting to foreclose on Mr. Wordes home.

* Mr. Wordes reports to court for his citations after the flood. Judge Hilliard again rules in his favor stating that he is ‘grandfathered in’ to the new law, but must complete 180 hours of community service for the illegal grading and the excessive number of cars on his property. Unbeknown to him, his sentence of Community service also requested him to be on probation which he was unaware of and immediately requested that he be allowed to pay the fine but is not allowed.

* Mr. Wordes is harassed by the Roswell Police Department as well. He is pulled over more times than we can count, thrown in jail on multiple occasions, and given a number of petty citations. It’s common for multiple police cars to sit at the end of Mr. Wordes street and ‘wait’. There have been citizens who have reported this and have even met with the Chief of Police over the continued actions by the police to intimidate Mr. Wordes.

* The City of Roswell files zoning violation for having a Nuisance property and he is appointed a Public Defender of course to be paid for by The City of Roswell. His court appointed counsel states in court that the ordinance is vague and the city will likely lose again.

* Soon after Roswell additionally files a 55-page civil suit against Mr. Wordes in an attempt to take his property from him again charging him with having a Nuisance property. This is the first civil suit in the history of Roswell to attempt to take a man’s property.. This civil suit was filed in an attempt to deny Mr. Wordes his right to a public defender, as he can no longer afford to pay for representation. Fortunately because of Mr. Wordes involvement with Georgia Carry (a Gun Rights Group) , a lawyer in the group volunteered to defend the lawsuit.

* The City lists Mr. Wordes and his neighbors home on the ‘Roswell 2030 Plan’ as a green space and parks area, publicly announcing and solidifying their effort to take his property. (View the plan here, the road you’re looking for is Alpine Drive.)

Can you believe this? He is still the lawful owner of his property but the City has a 20-year-plan to dissolve that. Note that Mr. Wordes has offered to SELL his property to the City, but they have declined. Instead, they want to take the long and painful route of forcing him into foreclosure so the property can be purchased at a reduced price. This would also prevent Roswell from having to face pending lawsuit for damages, "inverse condemnation" and taking of his property, and the many civil rights and due process suits which would follow.

* July 2011: Mr. Wordes leaves his home to attend a political rally. When he returns home, he finds that all of his chickens have been let out and feed is all over the ground. The next day, his birds begin to die. Mr. Wordes realizes that someone has poisoned his birds. Over the course of the next few days, Mr. Wordes loses 1/3 of his livestock, including 45 baby turkeys (10 of which belonged to Roswell Mayor Jere Wood), 25 chicks and 6 adult birds. I spoke with Mr. Wordes personally and he claims there is no doubt in his mind who was behind the poisoning. He alleges that it was his next door neighbor who has rallied with the city through this entire process. You see, Mr. Wordes has a very private backyard that is surrounded by woods. From the street, however, it would appear that people were home because there were a couple of cars parked in the driveway. Unfortunately, Mr. Wordes posted on his Facebook page that he would be attending this political rally. Mr. Wordes has indications that lead him to believe that his neighbor monitors the page through other names (via his neighbors own personal website that has a page dedicated to ‘The Chicken Man’). Mr. Wordes alleges that this neighbor is the only one that would 1) know the seclusion of the property, 2) have access to the property in addition to knowing where everything is and 3) have a motive to commit such an atrocity. A police report has been filed, but is not moving forward at this point due to the lack of proof. The birds were taken to two different forensic labs to determine the source of poisoning but the necropsies have not yet returned. In the meantime, this has become an economic hardship on Mr. Wordes since he cannot sell the eggs from his hens since the poisoning.

* Mr. Wordes is due in court August 10 at 2:30pm (a specially scheduled hearing on a day the court does NOT usually hear cases). The hearing is public at the Roswell Municipal Court. He will be arguing a probation violation for missing a ‘check-in’ over the time his birds had been poisoned. At that hearing Mr. Wordes is taken into custody and ordered to serve the remainder of his probation for a trumped up zoning violation amounting to 99 days in jail.

* Roswell of course invited the press and issued a press release stating Mr. Worde’s house is vacant and the RPD will be keeping an eye on things. Of course with in hours, began the three month long ransacking and looting of his home. Everything of value was stolen or destroyed including a large collection of legally owned firearms, assault weapons and ammunition that in the hands of criminals puts the entire community at risk.

Mr. Wordes was foreclosed on while he was in jail for 3 month (mind you a minor city zoning violation). When jailed the Roswell Police refused him access to his records to contact to his Bankruptcy attorney, was refused to attend a court ordered hearing held for the benefit of him and his creditors in United States Federal Bankruptcy Court and by doing so Roswell refused to allow Mr. Wordes to provide the Bankruptcy Trustee with documentation he had ordered him to provide. That information gave the Bankruptcy Trustee the right to HALT the foreclosure on his home of 16 years while still protecting the mortgage holder.

It was Roswell opening their court room and holding court on an unscheduled day instead of waiting until the next week and making an announcement to the press stating his house would be vacant and Roswell Police would keep an eye on it that reeks of revenge. It was less than 24 hours before the City Chief, Dwain Orr and The City Manager Kay Love were informed in a meeting with a prominent citizen that Mr. Wordes house had already been the scene of a burglary and looting and Mr. Wordes had a extensive firearms collection. Their statement was that they were not going to do anything and thanks to Roswell there is a large cache of weapons and ammo in the hands of criminals.


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