Save the Ringling Bros. Tigers from Another Circus!

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After the Ringling Brothers announced that their circus shows would be ending on May 21, 2017, the public was happy that the animals in the performances would have a chance for a happier life without abuse or maltreatment. However, 8 tigers from the Ringling Bros. are being sent to a circus company, Circus Krone, in Munich, Germany, where they are to perform and receive the same abuse and cruelty as they did in America.

Feld Entertainment, the parent company of Ringling Brothers, used The Fish and Wildlife Service as a permit to allow the tigers to be sent, according to The Dodo. One reason includes to save this endangered population. Inbreeding is NOT the solution to saving a species.

This must be stopped immediately. So much harm has been put upon these animals, and it must not go on any further. The canceling of the Ringling Brothers circuses is a path towards sanctuaries and freedom, not more suffering and domestication. Signing this petition will take us one step further towards freeing these innocent animals from fear and abuse.

Do your part. Sign this petition and please share it with others.