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Shut Down The Bird Nerds Rescue - Save The Animals

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The Bird Nerds Rescue is a building located in East Canton, Ohio. 
It houses several birds of all species, macaws, cockatoos, conures, parakeets, cockatiels, etc as well as guinea pigs and rabbits. 

The living condition for these animals is far from the minimum needed to ensure they are safe and in a sanctuary or rescue type of environment. There are so many birds, there are not enough cages. 
There are big macaws that have free rein over the rescue building once you pass the small, dark lobby that omits an odor from the wild mouse infestation that hasn't been taken care of or is unable to be controlled. 

These birds are able to fight and hurt one another as they are not caged and are not supervised all the time. Several scuffles happen between the birds - The animals are in danger of hurting one another due to lack of proper caging for each one. 

The rescue is not open to the public, it is by appointment only. 
The rescue has only ever been cleaned when there are events going on, a vet clinic, etc. 
It is unsanitary to keep birds in the conditions they are subjected to by no fault of their own. 
Please sign this petition, share it with fellow animal advocates and lets put a stop to this cruel treatment of animals that don't deserve it. No animal deserves to be kept in less than decent conditions. 
The definition of rescue is to make safe, to shelter, and to release from suffering.
Please rescue these animals.


This is my personal experience below, this is what I wrote to several organizations in HOPES something can be done. Not to attack the owner of the rescue on a personal level, but to say enough is enough, help these animals or give them to someone that has the means and capability to do so.. 

My name is Rebecca ****, I am a lover of all animals, reptiles, dogs, skunks, amphibians, and mostly parrots.I have been wondering who I can contact to hopefully help several birds, by several I would say a minimum of 100 birds, that are located in a "rescue" facility in East Canton, Ohio.

The rescue's name is "The Bird Nerds Rescue / Sanctuary", it is located at **** Lincoln St E, East Canton, OH 44730.
The owner of this 'rescue' is Connie Phillips; her phone number for the rescue is: ****

The Bird Nerds Rescue is not open to the public, it is open by appointment only or if there is an event taking place such as a holiday get together, fundraiser, or vet clinic.

I volunteered with Connie and The Bird Nerds Rescue from Mid 2016 up until just recently, November 2017.
In that time, I started seeing some major red flags that were signs of a woman in too far over her head and animals suffering due to it.

Before several vet clinics, a pet expo, and a few other events I offered to help clean up the inside of the rescue so that it looked presentable for the public / visitors.
On all of these occasions I left the rescue smelling far from sanitary, more than just a hard days work at a rescue cleaning up after animals. I have worked as a kennel attendant and at other rescues, I have never smelled so disgusting in my life - I have never been exposed to the filth I was exposed to when cleaning.
Now, birds, they're messy animals - They poop a lot, they're not litter trained, its expected to see some feces here and there. However, what I don't expect from a rescue is INCHES upon INCHES, layers of dried feces mixed with trash, food, rotting fruits and vegetables that had OBVIOUSLY been there for quite some time.
When cleaning under some cages the one time I was in helping, I found two rabbit carcasses. Connie takes in everything, not just birds - Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, anything she is offered even if she does not have the means to take care of it.
These rabbit carcasses were reduced to nothing but fur and bone, so they had been dead for quite some time.
I also pulled out numerous dead field mice, dead smaller birds, one larger bird when cleaning as well, all in the same decomposed state as the two rabbits.

The front lobby of the rescue, the only part she allows anyone to see has a strong odor of mouse urine and feces due to the infestation of wild mice she has.

The birds, most are not socialized with humans, due to the limited amount of visitors that actually go into the rescue. Many are left in less than minimal cage sizes. She has several large birds that roam freely around the rescue - This allows the birds to get into fights. Which happened quite frequently all the times I was at the rescue helping Connie.
Sargent Bilko, a Military Macaw, was bitten on the foot so bad that he bled for quite some time. There is a veterinary clinic located not even five minutes down the street from the facility - I begged Connie to take the bird to the vet to seek immediate medical attention as it was bleeding quite a bit, and birds do not do well with open wounds and blood loss.
I have the pants and blood stained shirt from that incident. She refused to go to thevet because she did not like them, and instead had me go down to the dollar general and get flour to try to clot the wound. After two hours of Bilko bleeding, I finally got it to stop. This animal NEEDED medical attention, but due to her "not liking the vet" and not wanting to pay a vet office visit, this animal bled much longer than he should have. How many other birds are there that I wasn't there for, that no one is there for, free roaming, fighting and drawing blood? How many birds have died due to improper care by not safely keeping them in cages out of harms way when there is no supervision?

Due to the animals not being all caged, they also escape. When at the facility I personally had to chase a mini macaw species, named Birdie, across the busy road that the rescue is located on. Birdie was swished and swayed all about by an on coming semi truck, THANKFULLY he did not actually get hit by the truck. Instead, I chased him across the road to the field / lawn of the house across from the rescue and picked him up, as he had landed and had the wind knocked out of him and his sense all muddled.
Birdie screamed as if there was something wrong with him, injury wise, however Connie told me to just put him back in the back of the rescue and he would be fine.

The cages that some of the birds are in are so rusted that there are holes in them, I know that this is a rescue and they cannot afford brand new top of the line cages and what have you, however when I cut myself SEVERAL times on rusted out holes, rusted doors, it goes to show they're NOT safe for humans to touch let alone an animal to live in.

Connie has had the health inspector and animal control officer (I believe) out to inspect her building. She goes out of her way to avoid them, so they leave a note on her door. In the time from them leaving a note on the door, to when she calls them back to invite them to visit - She drags in her son, Matt, or friends to help her clean it up and make it look acceptable.
I'm begging someone to PLEASE look more closer to this rescue.
I don't care if nothing happens other than the animals are relocated to a rescue that actually CARES for their wellbeing. I'm begging you please do what you can to put a stop to this woman, I'm not looking to get Connie herself in trouble, I do believe she thinks that she is doing right by these animals however, the conditions they are subjected to is not SAFE.
The definition of Rescue is to "Make Safe, To Shelter, And Release From Suffering"

PLEASE rescue these animals. If you cannot, please forward this to someone who can possibly put a stop to this cruelty.

Thank you,

Rebecca ****

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