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Save The Poisar River

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Back before the smartphone revolution took over the generation, we remember the sunny summer days when we had to look for creative ways to spend our time during the school vacations. Lucky for us, the Poisar river was just a hop, skip and jump away and we used to while away our afternoons playing its waters. In fact, the waters were so clean that it was used in an iconic scene from the 1947 movie Shehnai which featured Indumati playing around in the Poisar River. 

Well, that’s all it will be as the Poisar River has been so polluted by contaminants and sewage that just stepping into it is a major health threat! The degradation of the river has occurred to such a level that the nearby residents live with the rotten stench on a daily basis!

Though it is one of the duties of the State to maintain and protect the environment, the negligence on their part has caused the state of the waters to deteriorate as the years passed by.

Every year that the monsoon season arrives, the condition of the river gets worse with the downpour of the weather. Everyone remembers the condition that we were in when the floods of 26th July set in over a decade ago. Can’t we make an effort to learn from our mistakes and prepare ourselves better the next time disaster strikes?

The solution may be difficult to execute, but it is a simple concept nonetheless. All that’s required is to rid the river of all toxic forms of pollution, prevent further disposal of sewage waste into the river and to educate the general populace on how to maintain the purity of the waters. It won’t be easy, it won’t wrap up soon but it will be worth it. All we need is your guarantee that you will help us in doing what we can. That’s why we’re presenting this petition to you.

All you have to do is to sign this petition and support us as we begin the initiative that will ensure a cleaner and brighter future for generations to come.

Come join us and we take the first step to a greater Mumbai! 

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