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have stronger consequences for the dog fighters, stop killing the dogs

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Discrimination is illegal, it doesn't matter if it is a person, a dog or an organization. That is exactly what cities and states are doing against certain dog breeds, all because of irresponsible and criminal owners who force these dogs to fight. The police may bust a dog fighting ring and take away all the persons dogs or give them a slap on the wrists. If you take their dogs is that really hurting them? No, they just get another dozen dogs and abuse and beat them. These people force dogs to fight and the dog learns you either fight and win or you get hurt, die, or get beat for losing. They basically brain wash these dogs that the only way to survive is to fight. Animal Shelters uthenize these dogs upon sight without giving them a chance to be adopted, dogs that have never done anything wrong except love people. They pile these dogs bodies up and incenerate them without a second thought. Certain cities have taken family pets and done this to them, all the owners ever got back would be a collar ant tags. The media targets certain breeds of dogs giving them a bad rep. Did you know the number one dog bites that have needed emergency medical care is NOT caused by Pitt Bull Terriers? It is actually Golden Retrievers. Anyone who has a large dog around small children runs the risk of having accidents. Just think about it the dog can easily scratch, nip or knock a child over by being over excited and wanting to play. I think that targeting one specific breed is wrong and it should not be acceptable to kill a certain breed of dog espeacially when the dog has never had any prior incidents. I strongly believe that it is not the dogs fault. I believe it is the people who fight dogs. Think about this, if someone thought they could make money off of forcing our children to fight like they do to these dogs what would happen then? Would people pay more attention? Would they uthenize our children? Would the police enforce strictor laws? Some of these dogs are as good as children to the people they were taken from, so how does the cities or the police justify killing thousands of innocent dogs? They call these dogs unadoptable which is in every sense of the word untrue. I had a Pitt Mix and he was one of the best dogs that I have ever had, he was great with my son and he was more loyal than any other dog I have owned. My neighbors have 2 pitts, I cannot prove it but I know they have trained the male to fight. The female they havent and she is as sweet as they come. The male is not when it comes to other dogs. That is only because he was taught that to live is to fight. Please help me get the police to have laws that put these people away for brainwashing these dogs for a long time, not just a slap on the wrists.

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