Sarah Carroll & Gale Brewer: Deny Application for for 8 Story Building at 27 East 4th St

Sarah Carroll & Gale Brewer: Deny Application for for 8 Story Building at 27 East 4th St

May 4, 2012
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Why this petition matters

Started by Teresa Uthurralt

The Merchant’s House is Fighting 
for Its Survival. 
We need your HELP!

The developer is back with a proposal for a taller and more massive building next door to the Merchant’s House. 

If the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) approves the application, the developer would be able to proceed – and the fragile, 186-year-old building would suffer catastrophic structural damage and likely collapse during demolition of the existing garage at 27 East 4th.  

Please sign our petition!  Also, email LPC Chair Sarah Carroll at by Monday (1/11) noon and TELL HER TO REJECT THIS APPLICATION.

The Merchant’s House is New York City’s only 19th century home family home preserved intact, inside and out. It is irreplaceable.

If the Merchant’s House – Manhattan’s first designated landmark in 1965 – can’t be protected, NO New York City landmark will be safe from out-of-control private development.  At a time that New Yorkers are fighting to survive a pandemic and office vacancy is at a record high, it is inconceivable that we would destroy a city owned landmark to build an office tower that no one needs.

At eight stories, the proposed office building would tower over the 4 ½ story Merchant’s House and is grossly incompatible with the surrounding buildings in the Noho Historic District. On this basis alone the LPC can and should reject this application as inappropriate.

Please Sign Our Petition!
 Demand the Landmarks Preservation Commission 
REJECT the Developer’s Application.


This Petition has been updated to reflect the latest application process - 1/5/21

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Signatures: 16,298Next Goal: 25,000
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