Marisa Lago & Gale Brewer: Deny Spot Zoning for 8 Story Hotel at 27 East 4th St

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The Merchant’s House is Fighting 
for Its Survival. 
We need your HELP!

The City Planning Commission has received the developer’s application to construct an eight-story hotel at 27 East 4th Street, directly adjacent to the 1832 landmark Merchant’s House. 


The proposed zoning text amendment is unnecessary and wrong, and is clearly designed to benefit a single developer and accommodate a single development.  This would be a poor use of the zoning text amendment and special permit process. The interests of the public would not be served and the process would be manipulated to advantage a single developer.

The proposed hotel, at 100 feet tall, is in violation of the City’s Zoning Resolution. The developer’s application for a zoning text amendment – “spot zoning” – would in effect rewrite the law for a series of waivers that benefit the developer alone.

If the Planning Commission approves the application, the developer would be able to proceed – and the fragile, 186-year-old building would suffer catastrophic structural damage and likely collapse during construction.

The Merchant’s House is New York City’s only 19th century home family home preserved intact, inside and out. It is irreplaceable.

If the Merchant’s House – Manhattan’s first designated landmark in 1965 – can’t be protected, NO New York City landmark will be safe from out-of-control private development.

 At eight stories, the proposed hotel towers over the 4 ½ story Merchant’s House and is grossly incompatible with the surrounding buildings in the Noho Historic District.

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 Demand the City Planning Commission 
REJECT the Developer’s Application.


This Petition has been updated to reflect the latest application process.