Save "The Lot" From Development

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“From squares and boulevards to neighborhood gardens and children playgrounds, public space frames city image. The connective matrix of streets and public spaces forms the skeleton of the city upon which all else rests.” 
- United Nations Habitat III Issue Papers

To Our Neighbors and Friends —

We are reaching out to you because we need your help and signatures regarding the continued diminishment and depletion of open and public green space in our neighborhood. 

11,000+ residential units, over a million square feet of office space, and around 1,800 hotel rooms that are under construction or proposed for the neighborhood.

What is not being planned is public open space, which is increasingly rare and/or grossly underutilized by design.

According to New Yorkers for Parks’ 2015 rankings City Council District 26 (which includes Court Square) showed only 2% Parks & Playground and ranked 46th out of the City's 51 Council Districts for having Public Parks & Playgrounds.

In Court Square, it’s alarming to learn that one of the neighborhood’s most central, albeit private, open spaces, The Lot (located at 43-12 Hunter St), has been formally slated for development by its owner Rockrose Development.

We are calling upon our elected officials to help rectify a problem that is spiraling out of control. With all attention placed on the waterfront, communities east of 11th Street have gotten worse with almost no public open space and less and less light and fresh air as every square foot is going vertical.

We, as residents and business owners, are dissatisfied with the way open space has been ‘planned’ for, ‘protected’, and ‘maintained’ to this point. Families live here. People work here. Much of their livelihood is sourced here. A reasonable ratio of development to active open space is critical to the health, safety, and overall well-being of residents. And although ideas and thought-starters are thrown around, it feels very much as though a wait and see approach has been taken on the matter of open space in Court Square.

There are simply some things we cannot afford to wait and see what happens. And it cannot fall solely to the responsibility of the residents to protect and enhance open space opportunities.

Please sign our petition to call on our elected officials, to take a good look at what's possible in The Lot — and other open space opportunities.

We ask our electeds to work with Rockrose to actualize its potential in partnership with community groups for their tenants, our families, and neighbors. Given their vision to develop it, we cannot afford to wait and see. We’re simply asking for a collaborative effort to be made to earn more time for the neighborhood to understand and appreciate everything that it can be: a critical touchstone of our growing community.

Court Square Civic Association