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The City of Beverly Hills gave notice to the Lions Club to vacate the land by March 31, 2020, in order to potentially demolish the Log Cabin, located at 621 N Robertson Blvd. The City of Beverly Hills owns the lot on which the building is located, and has stood since 1928.  For decades The Log Cabin has been and continues to be a safe place for AA meetings and those seeking sobriety and recovery. 

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Why would losing the Log Cabin and the Services it provides be a detriment to both the Beverly Hills and West Hollywood Communities?

Losing the Log Cabin would be a detriment to the Public Health and Safety of the Beverly Hills and West Hollywood communities because it serves as a safe space for sobriety and recovery groups.

The building was built in 1928 by the Boy Scouts of America, in rustic log cabin architectural style, and should be deemed a landmark cultural site for our communities.  For decades it has stood, a symbol of the power of a local community to come together to help one another, from all walks of life, whether a local resident or a tourist seeking a meeting while visiting our great city. Especially during a time when we as a society need to build more places like this, not demolish them.  It is strategically located, in the heart of West Hollywood's entertainment district, and to tear down or relocate the building and its services would be a detriment to the cultural heritage of a community.

More About the Log Cabin:

The Log Cabin has long served the community as a safe space for sobriety and recovery groups. Where you could drop in almost any time of day and find a meeting going on. 

“This building and its meetings are a much beloved and important community resource, and the City of West Hollywood would like to hear from folks about this and so should the City of Beverly Hills,” said Mayor D’Amico of West Hollywood

A survey of properties in WeHo that might qualify as historically or culturally significant says the rustic log cabin was built in 1928 to house Troop 27 of the Boy Scouts of America. (Other documents have described it as having been built between 1930 and 1939.) Eventually, it became home to the Lion’s Club. And over years it has evolved as a meeting place for groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Crystal Meth Anonymous that help people recover from addictions.

The lot is said to have been used at one point by the Beverly Hills Water Authority, which is why it remains under that city’s ownership despite being within the boundaries of West Hollywood. In 2017 the City of West Hollywood leased the property from the City of Beverly Hills, and currently draws revenue from the adjacent parking lot. The lease expires in Dec 2021, and before then, the City of Beverly Hills has expressed interest in selling the portion of the property or the entire parcel, with interest to demolish building altogether.