Save the Leaning Tower of Dallas By Making It a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Preventing the destruction of a cultural landmark

Over the past few days, The Leaning Tower of Dallas has become the city's largest cultural icon. After making national headlines, we are finally famous for something other than the JFK Assassination. Unfortunately, the demolition will be completed soon to make way for even more hideous shops and condos for the bourgeois residents of Uptown Dallas. That's why we need to work together now to save this landmark from destruction. Making this a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Texas Historic Landmark is essential for ensuring that the landmark, is not only saved, but maintained. 

We need to act FAST! We need to reach out to local officials to save our new historical landmark. You wouldn't tear down the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Great Pyramids of Giza and replace them with condos, would you?

If anything, do it for the memes.

Why save it?

  • Cultural and historical significance
  • Sticking it to shitty developers
  • Preventing more overpriced housing
  • Keeps the rent down
  • Tourism money
  • Adds character
  • Dank memes