Save the last 90s Games Workshop store

Save the last 90s Games Workshop store

13 April 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Staple James

In Milton Keynes, few are aware there exists a neglected cultural gem -  a historical relic as yet unappreciated by the country's great & good, still awaiting recognition from UNESCO or equivalent authorities.

That's right, its a Games Workshop store that still has the 90s sign and red carpet.

As connoisseurs of this particular slice of British cultural history, we abhor the mooted plans to 'refit' this store, and bring it in line with the banal modern look of contemporary outlets. 

We demand immediate action to safeguard this portal to a more carefree era, and in addition that the following be implemented at the Milton Keynes store to ensure the full and undiluted 90s GW experience:

  • A commitment to retain the original frontage and style/colour of carpeting
  • Era appropriate artwork, display materials store layout and equipment
  • Polo shirts and mullets (or equivalent) for all staff
  • Contemporary 90s indie to be played on cassette tape
  • A moratorium on anti-perspirant products (Lynx Africa aside)
  • A full range of 1990s products available for purchase at original prices

This is a non-exhaustive list, and we are actively soliciting additional contributions from scholars with related expertise. 

Games Workshop must take steps to recognise this legitimate request, or at least create a full scale replica of a 90s store along the same lines somewhere else, that would be cool also.

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Signatures: 522Next Goal: 1,000
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