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It's useless trying to get Nepal to stop it'sanimal sacrifices if we sacrifice a hundred million lambs to the cause of religion every year. We have to tell the church that we don't want animal sacrifices in the name of religion. Unless we halt the slaughter of lambs at Easter every year, then we will have NO voice to talk to other cultures about what they do to animals. we must save the innocent lambs and all lambs are innocent when they are barbarically killed.

Letter to
Catholic Church The Pope
Anglican Church The Archbishop of Canterbury
Dear Sirs and Madams, I object to the slaughter of a hundred million lambs in the name of religion. We who have Humane feelings all object to the killing of innocent baby animals no matter what be the motives. Please can you find a way to change the policy of your organisations so that it is no longer a bloody affair. A Church should not have the stench of the blood of the innocent in it but instead it should protect the innocent from the evil people that are too many in this society.

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