Save the Koalas From Extinction!

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Australia's koalas are in danger, and urgently need your help. The iconic animals have suffered devastating population decline due to human development, and could go extinct unless we act now.

Australia's economy depends on tourism -- sign this petition to let them know that until they start protecting the koala, you refuse to visit the country!

While millions of koalas used to roam in the wild, their populations have plummeted by as much as 95% since the 1990s, with as few as 43,000 remaining.

Koalas only live in Australia, and rely on eucalyptus trees to survive. But the eucalyptus trees – the koalas’ only food source – are being destroyed at an alarming rate.

Shortsightedly placing profit above all else, developers have decimated the koalas' natural habitat. Loss of habitat makes koalas climb to the nearest high area, even if no trees are around. They may end up in people’s backyards or other unnatural places, and risk being run over on roads and highways. Habitat loss also leads to encounters with cattle, which is very dangerous for the koalas.

Tragically, the Australian government is failing to protect the koala. LCA is working with Australians for Animals to put the pressure on Australia’s government to take swift action.

Australia is in desperate need of a conservation plan that will save the koalas and their land. But the government wants to wait until June 2018 to complete the plan – and then wait another 90 days for comments.

The koalas simply do not have that long. Australia must come up with a conservation plan at once, and then implement that plan as soon as possible. 

Sign the petition to tell Australia’s tourism boards that you refuse to visit the country until a koala conservation plan is enacted. We cannot let the koalas go extinct!