Save The Indian Indigenous Breeds of Cattle

Save The Indian Indigenous Breeds of Cattle

7 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Mithun Rao

Cow milk has always been a part of the Indian diet. Its spiritual and nutritional values have been known to our ancestors since time immemorial. The difference between A1 milk and A2 milk needs to be understood by all. In simple words, our native Indigenous cows give us A2 milk and Foreign breeds give us A1 Type of milk.

The reason for this petition is - Our native Indigenous Breeds of Cattle are getting extinct fast and one needs to do something to stop it.

One of the primary steps is to stop the artificial insemination & Cross-breeding of our unique ‘humped’ Bos Indicus family of Cows with the European Bos Taurus family of bulls. Instead, adequate measures needs to be taken to promote the breeding of pure indigenous Desi cows, especially the ones that are nearing extinction.

Preliminary research conducted by Government-owned dairy departments had recommended cross-breeding of ‘Desi’ breeds of Cows of the Bos Indicus family with the European Bulls of the Bos Taurus family. Attractive schemes were also announced to promote such a cross-breeding trend, in almost all States of India. In the bargain, bulls of the superior and disease resistant ‘desi’ breeds such as the Gir, Tharparkar, Sahiwal, Kankrej, Hariana, etc. were side-lined and instead, bulls of European breeds with high milk yielding capabilities though highly susceptible to diseases were employed for breeding, viz: the Jersey and the Holstein Friesian.

It is a significant fact that over the past five decades, our unique Indigenous Breeds of Cows (of the Bos Indicus family which produce Milk containing the rich A2 Beta Casein Protein) have been systematically crossed with European Breeds (of the Bos Taurus family which produce Milk containing the harmful A1 Beta Casein Protein). This has resulted in severe setbacks, including the marginalization of indigenous, healthy, and disease-resistant breeds of cows. In the race to produce more quantity of milk, the life and health of our people have been endangered.  Also, this cross-breeding trend has resulted in the systemic wiping out of some of our precious small-sized ‘desi’ breeds from the arena of dairy farming, as also from individual households. 

The ill-effect of cross-breeding is clearly visible. We have been compelled to intake the “A1-milk” for many decades now, and there have been increasing cases of chronic illnesses such as diabetes including juvenile diabetes, coronary heart diseases, etc. Scientific research provides sufficiently strong evidence in this regard. Nevertheless, the policies of the dairy authority even now continue to favor such harmful cross-breeding. A complete overhaul of the Dairy Farming trend is much needed. There is an urgent need to promote dedicated measures toward the conservation, breeding, and employment of indigenous cow breeds that produce healthy ‘A2 Milk’ in the dairy industry. Such measures will definitely complement the healthcare sector on a colossal level in the years to come!

Read more on why native Indian Cows are a crucial part of the country’s ecological heritage.

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Surabhivana Gaushala

Please note, We are not asking for any monetary help through this petition. This petition is started with the sole intention that our coming generations can have milk that is good, spiritual, and satvik in nature. 

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Signatures: 414Next Goal: 500
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Decision Makers

  • Shri Meenesh C ShahThe National Dairy Development Board
  • Shri Parshottam RupalaHon'ble Minister of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying