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Save the Honduran Emerald Hummingbird from Extinction

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With less than 2,000 breeding pairs left, the Honduran Emerald Hummingbird is considered the most endangered bird in Central America and one of the most endangered hummingbirds in the world. Time is running out! Please help save this magnificent and rare bird from extinction by supporting its classification as an endangered species.

The Honduran Emerald, (Amazilia luciae) is found solely in the rare dry-thorn forest of Honduras. The Emerald's unique and fragmented habitat encompasses a very small region in the country that is rapidly being destroyed by expanding agriculture and cattle grazing.

This petition brings together EcoLogic Development Fund, The Hummingbird Society and The Hummingbird Conservancy and others who collectively seek to gather enough signatures to begin the process of placing the bird on the Endangered Species List. Legal recognition of its threatened status will assist efforts to build the support needed to urge the Honduran government to develop conservation measures that ensure its habitat remains viable. It will also require U.S. federal agencies to guarantee that any project carried out or funded by the United States government does not jeopardize the continued existence of this hummingbird species.

Your signature will add strength to efforts that aim to establish the species' habitat as legally protected, giving hope for the survival of this brilliantly colored hummingbird.

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