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Save the home of the Orangutan in Aceh, Indonesia from palm oil!


The Tripa peat swamp forest in Aceh, Indonesia is rapidly being converted into one big palm oil plantation. Its related land clearing and burning are further reducing the forest that is home to the critically endangered Sumatran Orangutan. The destruction of this last pristine tropical peatswamp forest also highly contributes to climate change due to logging and drainage of the impressive carbon stock of its peat soils.

It is not too late yet! You can help us in the fight to preserve the remaining forest.

Wetlands International and many other NGOs have written a letter to Sir Henry Keswick, Chairman of the UK-based responsible company Jardine Matheson, the owner of palm oil company AAL. We ask to stop the clearing of this forest immediately.

You can help us by signing this petition! But also by downloading, signing and sending the letter to Sir Henry Keswick through regular mail or by sending him an email. Make a difference: the more emails the company receives, the bigger the pressure!

Go to our page on the Tripa peat forest in Aceh and read all about how palm oil is closing in on the Orangutans and accelerates climate change.

Letter to
Jardine Matheson Sir Henry Keswick
Dear Sir Henry Keswick,

I am writing to you regarding the concession of P.T. Astra Agro Lestari (AAL), in the Tripa coastal peat swamp forest in Aceh Province, Indonesia.

The concession lies within the Leuser Ecosystem, an area of outstanding, world-renowned biodiversity value. The forests within the concession area support one of the few remaining significant populations of the critically endangered Sumatran Orangutan. In addition, conversion means a loss of enormous carbon stocks in terms of trees and especially soil carbon.

We find it frankly shocking that your company is turning a blind eye to the activities of AAL. We ask you to take immediate action to stop all activities in Tripa.

Waiting for your response,

Sincerely yours,