Save The Fresh Youth Academy/ Gospel Mission Hall Community Building

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Camden Council is planning to turn a remarkable and historic community hall - the ‘People’s Gospel Mission Hall’ (now called the 'Fresh Youth Academy') - into two private houses which they plan to sell.

The Gospel / Academy hall dates from 1892. For over a hundred years it has been a treasure to the community - an ideal venue for a rare variety of activities involving people of all ages.

It has a stage and exceptionally fine acoustics which are perfect for music/drama/dance performances, rehearsals and workshops. It is the only theatre space for many miles around.

It also has a large screen for showing films.

In addition, the building provides fitness training for teenagers through to over 80s; youth club events, study/training groups; and significant community celebrations. Many of its activities include those who would otherwise feel isolated and lonely.

About 40 years ago the hall was donated by a benefactor ‘to the people’. Recently (in 2014-15) the building was refurbished to an excellent design and at considerable expense to Camden taxpayers. It is in sound condition.

Turning it into two houses would serve a few who could be accommodated elsewhere; as the Gospel / Academy Hall it offers unique facilities for thousands.

We think it would be an act of senseless and unforgivable vandalism to destroy it, and a deplorable waste of taxpayers’ money. We urge Camden Council to save the the building for community use.

Please help us save this irreplaceable piece of our heritage by signing at the following link, and if possible share it with friends, on facebook, etc.: