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This large, lonesome fish has been trapped inside an extremely small and filthy tank for over seven years. No living creature should live under such conditions. We are asking that you sign this petition, and show your support for improved living conditions for this poor fish. 

Letter to
Da-Vi Nails
To Vi Cao, owner of Da-Vi Nails International, L.L.C.

I have recently been made aware of a situation in a Da-Vi Nails located in Rockaway NJ in which a large fish is encased in a very small and horribly filthy tank. Apparently this neglected fish has been trapped living in these horrific conditions in this tank alone for upwards of seven years now, and while this may not seem like an issue to you, I am writing to let you know that there are many concerned people who have been made aware of this and are outraged. News of this situation, which includes not only the disturbing and shocking treatment of a suffering animal as merely "decoration", but the disrespect of the customers and people in the local community as well, has become viral throughout the FaceBook community and is spreading fast.

We have tried to call this store to voice our concerns numerous times, and have been met with various responses, including someone impersonating a police officer, an angry man who used terribly vile and offensive language and a woman who yells and then hangs up on us. I am asking you now to please see to it that this fish be placed in better living conditions, which would include a much larger tank more suitable for a fish of his size, and that that tank be kept clean and sanitary in the future. I am sure that you can imagine what it would be like to spend seven years of your life trapped inside one small room, surrounded by filth and bacteria, completely ignored by those who should be caring for you, so I am asking that you please do what is right for this poor lonesome fish. People have made offers to purchase the fish in order to rescue it, but have been met with nothing but rudeness and defensiveness. Many people are already planning to organize a boycott, but that can be avoided. This is a situation that is easily rectified, and the power to do so is in your hands.