Save the Finnish/Russian female Wolf Susi

Save the Finnish/Russian female Wolf Susi

January 14, 2013
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Started by Wildlife Worldwide

Swedish authorities are chasing a Finnish/ Russian female wolf

Hunters in northern Sweden have been given the go-ahead to kill a lone Finnish/ Russian female wolf believed to have attacked at least ten reindeer owned by local Sami herders.
The female wolf named Susi has valuable genes. She has been chased nonstop for three days.
Hunters are searching for her with scooters and helicopters for shooting her.
The wolf’s male mate was killed on Friday but the female managed to evade hunters.

The environmental protection agency had hoped to save the female as it is thought to come from a genetically pure line; Sweden's relative small wolf population of about 300 is endangered due to inbreeding.

Following a longstanding conflict with the European Commission over the use of hunts to eliminate inbred wolves, the government announced late last year that there would be no general wolf hunt authorized in 2013.

However limited hunts are allowed when the reindeer herds of Sweden’s indigenous Sami community are threatened by wolves.

Please stop this senseless hunting and save Susi's life. Please move her to an other place in Sweden.

Thank you

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This petition had 17,189 supporters

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