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Save the endangered polar bears from been legally slaughtered for trophies

Polar bears are a highly endangered specie mostly due to global warming . There are approximately 30.000 polar bears left worldwide, half of which live in Canada. The last thing they need is to be brutally - not to mention LEGALLY- chased and slaughtered by hunters that take them as throphies everyday. Canada is the ONLY country in the world that allows this massacre to be legal so they can charge 750 canadian dollars per bear. This should NOT be legal!

By just paying, people are allowed to go to 5 or 6 day hunting trips in which they chase polar bears with several dogs and after a long chase, when the polar bear is exhausted from running, he stops to finally try to make the dogs that are surrounding him go away, at which point the hunter gets closer and shoots several arrows and gets to take it home as a trophy. 

Michele Leqve became the first woman to slaughter a polar bear. She claims to be an animal lover, yet she has a hunting expeditions website with her husband were she documents each of her animal slaughters. She has done a lot of publicity for her self because she is very proud of her 5 hour chase achievement. There are several people just like her. The number of polar bear slaughter has increased significantly in the last couple of years! They chase the strongest and best shaped polar bears so they can be a better challenge for them. There are safaris that will garanty the hunter that they wont leave without a dead bear. If not they can come back for free until they finally kill one.

This needs to stop. We need to tell Canada how wrong this is and that they should join the rest of the world in the protection of one of the highest endangered species. 

The goal is to get 30.000 signatures, one for each polar bear in the world.

Canada usually refuses petitions unless made and signed by residents, but unfortunately most of their residents are the ones joining the hunt so we have to try, for the well being of the polar bears.

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