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Save the Elusive Vaquita

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In the serene corner of the Gulf of California, Mexico, the air escapes the lungs of the smallest marine mammal in the world as it gets tangled up in a fishing net. It is one of the last of its kind.

There is a tiny species of porpoise, called the Vaquita, that is getting tangled and killed by gillnets set out for fish and shrimp. The only place they live in the world is in the very northernmost Gulf of California. There are only around 250 left, and are vanishing quickly. Don't let this adorable, little-known species slip away right before our eyes. The only reason they are so rare is because they are getting killed in the nets. We must get the fishermen to stop fishing there! The Mexican government has just put out a new law saying that they will switch out every shrimp gillnet in the northern Gulf of California with Vaquita-safe trawls in the next 3 years. This is huge news! We now need to make sure that they follow through with their promise and also create Vaquita-safe trawls for finfish and implement those nets as well. The Vaquita is so elusive, some locals consider it to be non-existent! Get the word out about the Vaquita, and maybe this species can make a change for the better. You can check out my Vaquita blog at Please share this petition on Facebook and Twitter!

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