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My name is Caryn Kunkle, I am determined to change the way community members interact and experience the contemporary arts in Philadelphia by building something I call the MUSEUM TRIANGLE. Currently there is a strain on the philanthropic community due to a tripling of non-profits since 2008. (Philanthropists have not, suprisingly, tripled) There is not much inter-disciplinary arts resource sharing on local, regional, or international levels. Philadelphia has a nationally unique arts market: Philadelphia makes more money in the Arts than in Sports, Medicine, or Retail!!! (3.4 Billion dollars) It is, arguably, important to moniter and maintain this fiscal market.

I propose building an Interactive Museum of Contemporary Art at the Divine Lorraine property on North Broad Street in Center City Philadelphia.  Philadelphia needs an arts "stadium" that centralizes our best resources for exhibition and events. Centralized INTERACTION  among local resources will boost commerce and cut back on city-wide overhead costs... enabling organizations to be more sustainable and accessible at Philadelphia Interactive Museum of Contemporary Art- PIMOCA.

I have support from the biggest organizations and Universities in town. Remember, the Arts comprise a multi-billion dollar industry in Philadelphia. Now, lets talk about where to build PIMOCA. This is not a small idea. Big ideas need big space. The Divine Lorraine, with 100,000 square feet of interior space, was built in 1892, it is # 4 on the list of National Landmarks. By placing PIMOCA in the Divine Lorraine we can establish North Broad Street as the Avenue of the Arts North and create an equidistant Museum Triangle that promotes the City's top tourism sites from City Hall to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, to The DIvine Lorraine, back to City HAll again. My proposal would instantly triple the existing Museum Mile and connect City Hall to Temple's campus, in addition to connecting the First Friday scene in Old City to the Art Museum area. 

 PIMOCA is a self sustaining museum model that  will create jobs, boost inter-disciplinary education, ignite international tourism, rescue the Divine Lorraine, and unite a fractured communityMost importantly it will impact the way children of the future have access to the arts, which are so threatened in our public schools today. Music, drama, culinary arts and visual art should not suffer in our grade schools while colleges expand programs.  An economic crisis does not mean we have to eradicate the publicly or privately funded contemporary arts, it means we need to share them in new and progressive ways.

The DL is a key element in the history of racial integration in America, it is the coolest un-used building on the East Coast. Mother and Father Divine united all races in their hotel in the 40's and thus the DL helped start a lasting non-segregation hotel revolution across America. Recently this neighborhood was labeled America's 6th most violent area. Your chance of being a victim of violent crime at the Divine Lorraine is 80% higher than the national average, according to a study published in 2010. Homeless  shelters, section 8 housing, and halfway houses are a permanent part of the neighborhood. Growing gentrification has increased the tension here. 

There is a solution to both the Arts community and the DL community needs! Build a bridge between the high and low income communities by establishing PIMOCA in the Divine Lorraine. PIMOCA will bring opportunity, education, and public park space to the low income neighbors, it will enable developers to build their higher-income projects and appropriately incorporate them into the existing structure of the community. PIMOCA will also centralize and stabilize Philadelphia's most lucrative money market- the Arts! The Divine Lorraine's adjacent 4 acre lot is the only one of its kind available for development in any major Center City district on the East Coast. I propose a city-uniting project rather than apartments or condos or a hotel (which will be impossible to make profit from due to the crippling costs of repairing The Divine Lorraine.) Declare eminent domain on the land, allow us to purchase the property and implement my idea for PIMOCA. As a 501c3 PIMOCA @ Divine Lorraine would qualify for 15 million dollars in RCAP and Historical grants, vs. Hotel proposals etc which only qualify for about 2.5 million dollars in grants.

 Join me, Caryn Kunkle, in sharing this with friends to Save the Divine Lorraine and build PIMOCA!

 Lets Interact! Lets Make It Happen!

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