Save the Coral City Camera, Don't Allow Disney Cruises to Destroy Our Urban Reef

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Disney cruise lines and MSC cruise lines have submitted an application to the Army Corps of Engineers to remove and in essence likely kill 1000 feet of prime urban coral reef real estate for Berth 10. This is the urban coral reef depicted on the Coral City Camera. (CCC)

This is contingent upon Disney and MSC striking a deal to share MSC's proposed terminal. MSC has already delayed the finalization of their lease/financing agreement with the Port from the end of October til February 2021.

It seems imprudent for them to presume a need for a 3rd berth in the expansion project given the uncertainties of the future of the cruise industry in the Covid era. 

Despite a record hot summer here in Miami, the corals native to this site have shown incredible resilience to bleaching, and even appear to be more resistant to the Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD). The site is also one of the few places where the federally-protected ​Orbicella sp.​ stony corals are recruiting naturally at a time when their offshore populations are in severe decline. Through the CCC we have documented more than 125 species of fish, a menagerie of reef invertebrates, as well as a multitude of manatees that are seen on a near-daily basis. 

Do not let Disney Cruises and MSC kill one of the last thriving coral reefs in Miami.