Save the Coomera Koalas

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East Coomera is home to a significant koala population. Large scale clearing has resulted in an extensive loss of koala habitat, with the predicted deaths of more than 100-150 koalas and the displacement of 350 more. Koalas are competing for increasingly smaller areas of habitat and we are seeing malnourished, starving, injured, and diseased koalas with alarming frequency. We are losing koalas weekly.

Koalas are in a bad way generally. There aren't all that many left in Australia and they are now listed as vulnerable. Numbers have dropped to around 43,000 to 80,000 nationally (down from 220,000 five years ago). In South East Queensland the situation is dire, with a likely extinction in the next 5-10 years. Our koalas have an important role in preserving a species.

We can't undo what is already done however we can save what is left. We still have a meaningful population in East Coomera that can be saved if we act now. The State Government has recognised the severity of the plight of koalas and are examining planning policy and conservation initiatives to assist in this vital area. There is hope, but the following urgent actions are required:

  1. Updated mapping of our koala population and identification of key habitat through an independent study and report.
  2. Formation of a koala conservation park in East Coomera.
  3. That the urban footprint of East Coomera be maintained and in no way be expanded further into koala habitat.

East Coomera koalas are now cut off from other areas of koala habitat, simply there is nowhere else for them to go. Without your help the future of these koalas looks bleak. Please sign to show your support and request action from both the Gold Coast City Council and the Queensland State Government.

Thank you,

Coomera Conservation Group and the Koalas of Coomera, Queensland, Australia



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