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We want Judge Parker to overturn his ruling against the Caboodle Ranch.

Although the ASPCA claims it will hold an adoption event for these cats, many of the feral cats who lived on this ranch will be deemed ''unadoptable'' and be euthanized. They are even seizing the owner Craig's six personal cats, one of which they have already killed because he had only three legs. These cats were living healthy, safe, and fulfilling lives, far more humane than the conditions they have been living in since they were seized. We cannot stand for this breach of animal rights by PETA and the State of Florida.

For more information about the Caboodle Ranch and the court proceedings, please visit

Please take the time to write a letter! Fax or mail your plea to:

Judge Gregory Parker 

P.O. Box 1060 

Madison, FL 32341 

FAX: 850-973-2790

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