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Save the Birds of World Parrot Refuge!!!!!

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These birds are not being cared for properly. We suggest the following changes be made to their facility:
■‎Sick birds vetted.
■‎Stop taking in more birds.
■‎Better diet.
■‎Better enrichment and foraging opportunities.
■Random selection of birds tested for disease.
■Accountability/transparency so it doesn't happen again.
■Present a comprehensive plan of how many birds the facility can support within their financial means. This should include facility expenses and repairs,,staffing expenses, vetting,,dietary, and enrichment. Anything above that number should be released to other facilities for adoption.
■Have it inspected and sanctioned by:
■Place adoptable birds. These facilities need to be geared towards rehabilitation and placement.
■Provide educational information when contacted to work with owners to keep their birds or rehome the birds. Human imprinted birds do not belong in sanctuary.
■Microchip all incoming birds so they can be traced from entrance to demise. Similar to the RFID being done in the beef/hog/ etc. industries - this microchip would include all the vet care history, etc.
■"Sealing" the buildings so vermin can't enter.
■Hire garbage collection services.
■Have an extensive unabridged database of all birds and microchip if they're not banded. Have photos of all birds in that database.
■Clean the place and de-infest it.
■Food storage that can be properly sealed.
■Standard policies manual in place considering the turnover in staff and volunteers. Basically a reference guide for situations that arise and what to do. Location of first aid materials for people and birds, list of tasks to be done each day, list of toxic foods for birds, and a list that is regularly updated for the special needs of those in the special needs areas.

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