Save the bees! - Stop the Use of Harmful Pesticides in Canada

Save the bees! - Stop the Use of Harmful Pesticides in Canada

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Around 90% of flowering plants are pollinated by pollinators such as bees. Without them, there would be a huge impact on biodiversity.

Honey bees also add an estimated $5 billion to the Canadian economy each year in crop yields. The total value of honey also added up to$159 million in 2016.

Neonicotinoids are a type of pesticide resembling nicotine that is widely used in agricultural settings everywhere in Canada. These types of pesticides are extremely harmful to bees, causing anything from damage in foraging abilities to immediate death, just from being exposed to neonicotinoid laced nectar.

The pollen they carry is contracted with neonicotinoids as well, which could cause the collapse of an entire colony, and gets “bioaccumulated”, which means it also affects other living beings, including you & me.

While Health Canada has been having inquiries on neonicotinoids, they do not have a plan to completely ban these deadly pesticides in Canada yet. Meanwhile across the Atlantic Ocean, the European Union has agreed on a near total ban on neonicotinoids just a month ago.

Sign and share this petition to make the Canadian government aware of this dire issue, and to ask that these pesticides be banned in Canada.

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