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Save the BBC from DRM Daleks!

Remember #occupy? Remember Tahrir square? We want that sort of thing to continue. The Beeb, for some reason, wants to EXTERMINATE.

The BBC is now pushing for DRM in HTML5 (see link below.) This would mean closed browsers, closed standards, and a controlled, even more corporate Internet. In other words, they want to use public tax dollars to help destroy the most important open civic forum since... well, ever, really.

(Do come back, but we're obliged to mention that you may get the full story at We'll wait.)

It's out of character for you, BBC, so good going! Thank you for discreetly communicating that you've been taken over by Daleks. (I assume you're being held hostage.)

The rest, I'm afraid, is up to us. We must all ask ourselves, 'What would the Doctor do, and do I have enough tea for that?' If not, go make some. Then, get your friends to sign this petition.

The future of the entire Internet rests in our hands. I wish I was joking. I also wish that they were slightly less sticky, but we did just have lunch.

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