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Save the APM Power House !


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The APM Boiler House is far from ugly, and should be retained; the Minister for Planning Richard Wynne should hear that we are not happy with his shocking decision to allow its demolition.

Built in 1954, the bold sculptural assembly of glass-walled volumes and diagonal conveyors are a symbol of post-war modernity, an iconic and very early example of industrial architecture in Victoria. For these reasons it was recommended for protection by Heritage Victoria and the Heritage Council, but overturned by the Minister, the only time a Minister has ever stopped a heritage listing by the State bodies. One of his reasons is that it was 'ugly', an incredibly value laded judgement, completely ignoring expert assessments. Personally, I've always admired it, a striking landmark during family trips across Fairfield. I'm shocked that the Minister has unilaterally decided to take this building away from me, to be replaced by a massive block of apartments, a bigger version of all the other developments across Melbourne.

Yes it would be expensive to retain, but that's the developer's problem, not the State Government's. Given the huge site and the thousands of apartments to be built, the developers, Glenvill and Alpha, could afford it; in fact its retention was in the master plan.  The building would make an excellent and stylish community centre; current plans would see it replaced by five storeys of apartments, but there is no site yet allocated for the proposed 'community centre', and there is only a vague promise of an 'early learning centre'. 

This petition is to let the Minister and other decision makers know there are just as many people would would like to see it retained as there are locals who think it should be demolished. Though we probably won't save it, we should not let this decision stand without being heard.

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