Save the Tibetan Mastiff, one of the oldest dog breeds - FCI needs to take action now!

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The Tibetan Mastiff is a beautiful dog with a special history and Tibetan mastiff (TM) is also one of the oldest dog breeds we have in the world.

We hope you will take the time to read an article about the future of TM, the danger of TM becoming extinct as a breed and may be ruined if we dont do anything now. This has been going on to many years already! The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) have a big responsibility of both welfare of dogs and protecting dog breeds as the world largest canine organization. 

Christofer Habig, former vice president of FCI and judging TMs for many decades wrote a memorandum to the FCI about the serious challenges TM as a breed have because mixed breeding and imports of dogs that clearly is not TMs in 2011 and you can read the whole Memorandum_FCI.pdf from here: 

Unfortunately since the year  2000 (approximate) many of us has seen TM as breed been mixed with many other dog breeds and made into a dog type many in the TM community are calling “Chinese Mastiff (CM)”, also “Market Type” - we know with facts that these mixes is bred from several other dog breeds and many Chinese breeders have done for a number of years and the dogs have been exported around the world. The name “Market type” is because its a market demanding for very big and really fluffy long haired dogs, and they sells well branded with TM's special and ancient history, despite many of these dogs have short lifespan.

We, the many breeders with decades of experience, owners of TM and The TM fancier community world wide are deeply concerned about the situation as we see that the extent of CM and mixtures into TMs is becoming more and more comprehensive. We therefore ask the FCI (patronage for TM) to make actions and do something to save one of the worlds oldest dog breeds, the Tibetan mastiff.  
We can not close our eyes and see that Tibetan Mastiff, one of the world oldest dog breeds being destroyed health wise, functional and its appearance as an ancient landrace breed.

As the former vice president of FCI, Christofer Habig, wrote in his memorandum to the FCI, "... The autochthonous [indigenous] status of the Do Khyi breed is in danger. It should therefore be preserved for the future as it has a longstanding, dedicated followership worldwide. "- We therefore call for help in preserving the beautiful ancient breed for the future.

We will send a letter to FCI and also national kennel clubs with this petition with several suggestions and demands to preserve this ancient breed and also ask that the mixed breed dogs must be removed from the registries as Tibetan Mastiff - We call the FCI, the patronage for the Tibetan Mastiff, to take action now so we can save this beautiful ancient breed.

Do you want to learn more about the beautiful guard dogs from Tibet and the Himalaya regions, one of the world's oldest dog breeds? Please join us here in this group, the Tibetan Mastiff Do Khyi world group:
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