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Save Steller Sea Lions

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The Steller sea lion has attracted considerable attention in recent decades due to significant, unexplained declines in their numbers over a large portion of their range in Alaska.
NOAA apply for the petition to removal from Steller Sea Lion from the endangered list. But it is not verified yet to increase Steller Sea Lion in Easetern Alaska area.

Steller Sea Lions are polygynous. The female are once a year produce a baby.
Age at weaning is highly variable, pups may remain with their mothers for as long as four years. Incidents of mothers feeding daughters who are simultaneously feeding their own newborn pups have been documented, an extremely rare occurrence among mammals.
NOAA requests to removal of Steller Sea Lion from the endangered lists. They call, Steller Sea Lion is no longer to be in endangered.
This is hidden "agenda" that tribes and fishermen due to legalize killing for Steller Sea Lion. They believes Sea Lion's high population is the danger of decrease fishing profit. And also, NOAA has the reason to pass through this petition in order to increase the number of Salmon for the report of public.

Do you know what's happen to Bonneville Dam in OR/WA? They has been killed 9 Sea Lions for 2 months due to protect of Salmon.
NOAA's propose of petition is not a scientific result. Their purpose is behind of some beneficiaries agenda..

NOAA Fisheries began a draft status review of the eastern population, which ranges from Alaska's Cape Suckling to California's Channel Islands, in June 2010, and opened a 60-day public comment period. Within a few days, NOAA received two petitions, one from the states of Washington and Oregon, and the other from the state of Alaska, asking that the eastern Steller sea lion be removed from threatened status under the Endangered Species Act.

Alaska, Washington, and Oregon States need a presumption from NOAA to prove Steller Sea Lion is increasing their population. As long as Steller Sea Lion is on the endangered list, They are not able to kill them.

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