Save Star Plunge

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My name is Roland Luehne, I am the owner of the Star Plunge. As long as Wyoming has been a state, so too has the Star Plunge existed. The last 45 years I have worked alongside my parents incredibly hard to create the Star Plunge that we all know today.

In line with our Cowboy values, it has always been a small, locally owned business focused on enriching our Wyoming community, serving our customers, and welcoming visitors from all over the country and world. As with anything great and living, our business has changed and emerged better and stronger at the hands of 3rd generation owners with a new, sustainable vision. With this vision, our family has worked to keep the Star Plunge true to Wyoming, but also to see it thrive in the 21st Century. It is no exaggeration to say we have put parts of ourselves—our time, our love, and our energy— into this fixture.

There are new regulations that are being set in place to allow anyone to “bid” on our facility and take the Star Plunge out from under us, starting in 2020. We have done everything the state of Wyoming has asked of us. We even try and do more, for instance updating our outdoor hot tub took 9 years for them to give us permission. It only took 3 weeks to actually build it.

All for the Plunge and all for our greater Wyoming family. So, to our State Officials, Representatives, and our Governor, we ask for your support and help with continued support for a local business.

Give Star Plunge a lease. Secure a future for Star Plunge and stabilized our fragile tourism industry. Star Plunge is the number one attraction according to TripAdvisor . Star Plunge draws over 60,000 swims per year. Without Star Plunge many people will loose their jobs and local tourism industry will be ruined.