Petition Closed

This is an action letter to the board members of Camp Lion, to request the property be turned into Conservation Land so it can not be taken by urban development, by Super Wal-Mart, Lowes, and future Development.


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Letter to
President (King Lion) of Camp Lion Sean Crowley
Lions Club International
Secretary of Camp Lion John Baker
and 2 others
Treasurer of Camp Lion Paul Crowley
Web Master of Camp Lion Al Clark
"The lions of the day thought it beneficial to keep an area forever wild as a refuge because of the urban expansion taking place throughout the communities"... as stated by The Lions of Lynn of Salem and Lynn Ma. It began as a primary use for the Girl Scouts to afford an experience away from urban life, and since then has grown to share the experience with many children. These pristine woods are an escape away from urban life for all in the surrounding communities.

Camp Lion today, a wooded rustic area once dedicated to the Recreational, Educational and Habitable use of the surrounding communities is near in loosing its mission. The City of Salem has taken acres of the camp by eminent domain and another parcel was part of a sold for development, and currently there is a purchase and sale agreement in place to sell tens of acres for commercial development to big box stores and other developments, loosing what little pristine woods we have left in the center of communities.

We are thankful to the 'Lions of the day' for preserving the land which many have enjoyed, but today we ask the Lions Club to protect the entire property in Salem bordering Lynn by listing it as Conservation Land. Without this protection there could be a negative impact to the environment and our community in the future. Please make this land be Conservation Land forever.
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