Save specialist support for deaf children

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There are over 45,000 deaf children across England. These deaf children and their families depend on vital support from Teachers of the Deaf.

Teachers of the Deaf provide support to deaf children, their families and to other professionals who are involved with a child’s education.

Alarmingly, the number of qualified Teachers of the Deaf in England has fallen by 15% since 2011. And over half of the remaining Teachers of the Deaf will retire in the next ten to fifteen years. 

In the past year alone, over a third of services have made cuts to these vital services – with cuts of £4million being made in these areas alone.  

Our deaf children are falling behind by a whole grade at GCSE level, despite deafness not being a learning disability.

We are calling on the Government to protect these vital services, to fund them properly, and to ensure that no deaf child falls behind in their education due to lack of funding and support. 

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