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He's a gentle giant who had a bad moment. The City of Onkparinga has ordered his destruction and we desperately need your help to spare him. The first time he's done anything even remotely dangerous is now it's going to cost him his life. 

While on a walk he attacked another dog. This was completely unexpected as he has never shown an ounce of malice in his life. Unfortunately the other dog didn't survive and for that we feel utterly heartbroken. We can't imagine the loss felt by this family. We would never want anyone to lose their best friend, and now we're asking for your support in saving ours. Anyone who knows Solomon knows he just wants to love and be loved. From children to the elderly -- everyone who has met him has instantly fallen in love with his loving personality and need to be by your side. He has never had any problems with people, animals, anything.

Saved by us, he saved me. My mental health battle has been a long and hard road and when Solomon was brought into my life, rescued by the RSPCA, my life changed for the better. He is my best friend, I spend every second I can with him and even started a business around him. My business Solo N' Co was named after him which I run with my Nan - something that gives her just as much light in her life as it does mine. He brings joy to not only myself and my family but to people all across the world. An amazing feat for a rescue dog. He gives me a purpose to live. Without him there will be a hole in so many people's hearts and lives. He has literally saved my life and now I want to save his. 

We know Solomon, he is a good dog who had a bad moment. He deserves a second chance and believe there are so many options that can be explored before resulting to destruction. 

Please help us get this decision reconsidered and show your support for Solomon, my best friend, my saviour. Abby x