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Save Sertoma

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Sertoma 4-H Educational Center at Vade Mecum Springs has been an integral part in the development of our State’s youth for decades. For many, Sertoma can be the defining experience that sets them on the path to a great and fulfilling life that enables them to become assets to the community. Every child that comes through Sertoma 4-H Center is an investment in our future. By closing Sertoma, NC State would be depriving our communities of a great and priceless service by no longer investing in that future. I believe our youth is worth the financial time and effort that Sertoma requires and closing this center down will hurt North Carolina in the long run by denying these children a chance to have an experience that could inspire them to reach their full potential. The future of our children should never be jeopardized for the sake of increasing the bottom line of a financial report. Sertoma 4-H Educational Center has been making financial strides in recent years and has contributed greatly to the local  economy. By closing this educational center down many businesses will also suffer as a result. By signing this petition you are saying that our children, our youth, our community, and our future is too important to let this center close.

We are asking you to give Sertoma a one year moratorium; three months is just not enough time. In addition we are asking NCSU to immediately lift the restrictions on bookings for 2014. There is about $250,000 in revenue from those already wanting to book camp that will be lost if the Center closes.

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