Save Seattle Culinary Academy

Save Seattle Culinary Academy

April 28, 2022
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Chancellor Shouan Pan
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Why this petition matters

Started by Seattle Culinary

As you might have read in the Seattle Times earlier this week, Seattle Central College is facing a budget cut, resulting in the permanent closure of its Culinary program. This program has successfully trained a diverse group of chefs who have since then opened restaurants of their own here, in Seattle, where you might have dined at! Some Alumni have continued their education elsewhere in the states and abroad, with their roots beginning at SCA. 

This closure would affect the potential of future culinarians entering the industry that is already facing a labor shortage. This industry is often viewed as demeaning and grossly underappreciated. However, it is a community of like-minded individuals that share their passion for creating more than just food - they're creating tasteful dishes that are not only palatable but also appealing to the eye - this is the art that we hope continues to be taught at SCA by chefs who are passionate about teaching the future generation of chefs. Even the New York Times is in agreement that culinary programs are essential and vital to a cook’s career.

More reasons to sign & continue this program:

  • SCA has full or near-full enrollment every quarter.

  • SCA trains the chronically underserved, with one of the most diverse enrollments at the college.

  • SCA is a workforce program. Many students attend with special grant-funding for worker retraining, some unemployed and/or receiving food assistance.  We have veterans, students who couldn't thrive in a traditional classroom setting or workplace, and high school students working with Seattle Promise to get a fully funded education.

  • SCA teaches not just hands-on cooking skills, but preparedness for a professional career.  Many students get their lives together in front of our stoves.

  • SCA students ALL find work, both during the program and after graduation.  The industry is starved for trained cooks and bakers, with many students getting multiple job offers.  Many students go on to open their own locals businesses.

  • SCA has touched nearly every kitchen in this city.  Without trained cooks and bakers, who will continue to rebuild Seattle's formerly vibrant food scene?

  • SCA focuses on sustainability, social justice, and how to embrace our local food resources.  We teach ecological, economical, and political issues relating to our food system.

  • SCA held in-person instruction every single quarter during the pandemic with masks, face shields, distancing, and multiple class sections through the worst of it.  Our students and faculty are essential workers and showed up EVERY SINGLE DAY.

If you are willing to contribute, please contact us!

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Signatures: 8,045Next Goal: 10,000
Support now