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Save sacred elephants from being tortured and abused in India


Despite India's progressive animal protection laws (considered to be the best in the world), elephants in the country are suffering unimaginable cruelties in the name of tradition.

These sacred and holy elephants are beaten and enslaved in ‘training’ camps located in Kerala and Karnataka. Many elephants have languished there for decades, chained to concrete pillars or trees. Some of them are babies who have been poached from their mothers, put in chains and beaten with rods to break their spirit. Their lives are filled with misery and despair.

An article in The Daily Mail Newspaper recently highlighted the story of 57 of these elephants who have been suffering for years in the name of tradition. Click here for story.

Please join Wildlife SOS in requesting the Prime Minister of India and the Forest Minister to ensure cruel practices of training and management are legislated by using existing laws that must be extended to apply to elephants held privately used for processions, begging and tourism and have the elephants live out their lives in a sanctuary setting where humane management techniques are practised and the elephants receive the dignity they deserve.

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  • Honourable Prime Minister, Government of India
    Shri Narendra Modi ji
  • Hon’ble Minister Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change
    Shri Prakash Javadekar

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