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Petitioning Honorable Judge Chris Ninomiya, Dickinson County, Michigan

SAVE ROXY: Honorable Judge Chris Ninomiya, Dickinson County, MI - Let Roxy Live!

Roxy, a female pittbull mix, bit a neighbor while agitated, pregnant, and exceedingly uncomfortable in 90+ degree weather.  Roxy was also under duress as her owner was agitated during a confrontation with a neighbor and the police [NOTE:  The conflict may have happened AFTER the bite.  I have been told two different stories.]. The person who was bitten does NOT want Roxy destroyed, but the responding officer, who is not an animal behaviorist, determined that Roxy is "aggressive" and a threat to people. [Second NOTE: I have been told that the officer HAD to label Roxy aggressive according to the wording of the ordinance.] Roxy has since had her puppies (seven husky/pitt mixes) and has been videotaped meeting all kinds of people with wagging tail and kisses.  All of the shelter staff feel that she is not a threat, including at least one who is a certified animal evaluator.  Judge Ninomiya has never even met the dog.  This is a severe miscarriage of justice and arbitrary.  Other dogs who have bitten people have NOT been ordered destroyed.  Roxy should be given another chance.  PLEASE sign and SHARE!

Video of Roxy:

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Honorable Judge Chris Ninomiya, Dickinson County, Michigan
Vacate the order to destroy the pittbull mix known as Roxy, currently housed at the Almost Home Animal Shelter. Give her another chance.

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