Save rooftop solar in Kentucky! Stop Kentucky House Bill 227

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If Kentucky House Bill 227 passes:

  • Homeowners and small businesses won't be able to afford to install rooftop solar systems.
  • Kentucky's local solar installation businesses will be forced out of business.
  • Solar installers will lose their jobs.
  • Out-of-state monopoly utilities will corner the market on solar and increase their profits. 

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Kentucky House Bill 227 will make rooftop solar economically unfeasible by cutting the net metering credit by 70%. The monopoly utility companies are trying to extend their monopolies to Kentuckian's rooftops by drastically weakening net metering. They have disregarded several studies that show that net metering benefits utilities and all their customers. They haven't presented any data to show that net metering is hurting them or other customers. Fair net metering rates should be determined by a thorough look at real data presented to the PSC. Instead the utilities are using out-of-state fossil fuel industry lobbyists to spread disinformation. These same lobbyists are calling Kentuckians with false claims about how HB 227 will result in more solar and offering to connect those people with their representative's office to say they support it.

Kentucky is 48th in the nation for solar-friendly policies. The only  positive policy that we have is our net metering policy (which is already far more limited than other states). If HB 227 passes we will drop to last place.