Save Rocks of Khajaguda /Fakhruddingutta, Hyderabad, Telangana

Save Rocks of Khajaguda /Fakhruddingutta, Hyderabad, Telangana

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We, the citizens of Hyderabad, India, as well as rock and nature friends all over represented by the Society to Save Rocks appeal to the various departments of the Government of Telangana to protect the beautiful Hillock of stunning, 2,500 million year old granite formations, called Fakhruddingutta (near Khajaguda)in Poppalguda Village, behind Lanco Hills, Hyderabad from destruction and develop it into a Rock, Nature and Adventure Park and thus create an oasis of unique nature in the bustle of the new developments that are choking more and more of the natural environments of Hyderabad city.

Various adventure, nature and outdoor clubs conduct many hiking, trekking, rock climbing and outdoor activities for the local citizens at Fakhruddingutta and it is a outdoor activity and recreation center for many citizens and children.

Fakruddingutta is currently under severe threat of encroachment and destruction, it being situated in one of the fast developing areas of Hyderabad, near Gachibowli. An ancient dargah, Baba Fakhruddin Aualia’s tomb, is situated in the hill and a 800  hundred year old Ananta Padmanabha Swamy shrine is nestled at the back of the hill. Meher Baba found the place so enchanting that he meditated here for 11 days in 1951 at what is now called Manonash cave.

The Society to Save Rocks had filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in May 2019 to list Fakhruddingutta (Khajaguda) back in the heritage list and to stop the destruction of the rocks (specifically in the alleged private plot in the middle). The Honorable Judge granted a stay order on breaking the rocks. There are still incidents of breaking of rocks and we appeal to protect Fakhruddingutta and its natural and historic and geological heritage without delay.

In support of the cause, we sign this appeal and earnestly request the Government of Telangana to take action for the protection and preservation of heritage rocks around Hyderabad especially the fakhruddingutta hillock.

1) To immediately stop destruction of rocks at Fakhruddingutta
2) To include all the heritage rock formations list as per previous G.O'S in the Telangana Heritage (Protection, Preservation, Conservation and Maintenance) Act, 2017.
3) Develop Fakhruddingutta into a Rock, Nature and Adventure Park for the citizens of Hyderabad.