Save Rishton's Green Belt and protect Cutwood Park

Save Rishton's Green Belt and protect Cutwood Park

12 November 2022
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Mr. Simon Prideaux (Chief Planning and Transportation Officer) and 1 other
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Why this petition matters

Started by Emma Clark

Hyndburn Borough Council are currently consulting on Hyndburn 2037, local plan and site allocations. 

Whilst we recognise there is an inevitable need for more local housing, it is vital that we protect our green belt and Green flag park. 

The proposals outline significant changes to Cut Lane, with the option to build 189 houses from Cut Lane towards Blackburn Road (Hyndburn Academy Bridge), all across designated Green belt. 

It is not feasible to give access, as proposed using Cut Lane, without carving into a green flag park, with tree felling and bush removal (significant impact on old woodland, animal habitat). Alongside the significant concerns to children's safety. 

The affect of the widening of the road would be heavily detrimental to wildlife and the mental health of significant numbers of people, as the park serves many residents from Rishton and neighbouring towns. 

The town of Rishton does not have the infrastructure for such a build and local services are not sufficient. 

The second proposal of green belt removal affects the land between Whitebirk industrial estate up to Sidebeet Lane. It is proposed that an industrial site is built on greenbelt, with no detail as to its necessity. 

This would significantly blur the line between Blackburn and Rishton, and would cause irreparable damage to the wildlife which inhabits the area and the reservoirs within Rishton. 

The total proposal for Rishton, including building off Fielden Street, totals 376 houses plus industrial units.

This is astronomically high for the services and provision available within ths locality. We therefore cite our concerns to the builds, particularly those off Cut Lane and Sidebeet, for fear of damaging Rishton forever. 

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Signatures: 1,358Next Goal: 1,500
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  • Mr. Simon PrideauxChief Planning and Transportation Officer
  • Mr. Stephen BrownPlanning Department