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Save Historic Rahway River Park... the campaign to stop the construction of a multi sport stadium.

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Historic Rahway River Park is an oasis of natural beauty nestled in between several residential neighborhoods. Revered historically for its wide open, uninterrupted spaces it is loved and enjoyed not only by local families but by various species of wildlife that call the Park 'home'.

We are upset because…

Union County plans to disrupt the open nature of the Park, violate its historic design, and build a ‘state of the art’ 1200 seat stadium with an artificial turf, regulation sized football field and eight lane track.

Additional structures to include:

  • A 4 Foot high chain link fence
  • Aluminum bleachers (maximum capacity 1200)
  • One Press Box (8 x 36 Ft)
  • Sound system consisting of four outdoor speakers
  • LED Scoreboard
  • Field Night Lights
  • Two open air Team Pavilions or Pioneer Buildings (36 X 36 Ft)
  • A concession stand with four bathrooms (two men's and two women's)

The estimated costs for this stadium will be split between Union County (2.6 million) and the City of Rahway (2.2 million) and will of course come out of the pockets of our hard working citizens.

This construction will become an assault to Rahway River Park... a natural wonderland where residents unwind after a day of work and get to enjoy the relaxed 'daytime' hours of its public recreational spaces every day of the week. Surrounded by lush wetlands, a stadium of this size would unleash irreversible abuse upon the park's environment, its wildlife, and forever change the peaceful allure that residents have been drawn to ever since its inception in 1925. With the County's intention to share this stadium among its municipalities the park will be at the mercy of crowded events year round, and reduced to a money making machine for local government.

Since we began our petition and social media push the Union County Freeholders have spoken out and minimized our concerns, making unfounded statements such as "it will have no impact on wildlife habitat" and reminding us that "the project involves upgrading an existing field... not building an additional field". They have also informed us of their intention to reduce the stadium's seating capacity to 1200 down from their initial proposal of 5000 seats, and the chain link fence enclosing the facility to 4 foot high down from 6 foot. But even so, none of this changes the footprint of a regulation sized track and football field. One of our fears is the park will resemble more of a sporting complex once a stadium of this proportion is built. And sadly the chances for future development will always be a lingering possibility... as we have no guarantee that the County won't simply increase the seating capacity over time.

With this fear in mind and their stubborn disregard for their citizens, our mission remains unchanged. We intend to stop this proposed stadium from ever being built and preserve Rahway River Park as it was intended... a peaceful haven of relaxation and public recreation, with natural open spaces to be enjoyed by both humans and local wildlife.

A little back story...

Plans to build a 'state of the art' stadium in Rahway River Park all began when The City of Rahway and the Board of Education approached Union County about the possibility of entering in to a shared service due to the fact that their home field (Veterans Memorial Stadium) regularly floods. Already with an existing plan to turf and light the Park's current track and soccer field, the County agreed to partner with Rahway and share costs to further expand and upgrade the field.

We, the Coalition, have maintained from the beginning that our issue is not with giving the children of Rahway an upgraded athletic facility, as we do agree they are in need of a safe and reliable place for their sporting events. Our position is that the upgrade should not be done in Rahway River Park, due to the impact such a venue would have on the park's ecosystem and surrounding neighborhoods.

Building our case...

Please visit our website at:

This is where we have put together solid arguments of defense from many angles... covering areas such as the park's historic value, environmental issues, water quality, pollution, impacts on the wildlife, and quality of life for local residents. The details of our research can be found on the The Ugly Truth page.

Here you will also view architectural drawings of the proposed stadium as it will appear in Rahway River Park. Sharing a glimpse into just how much of our park will be taken over and its aesthetic ruined if we don't stay diligent and stop this from happening.

But there is so much more to discover on our website... beautiful photographs, our parks history, what the press are saying, etc... so we do hope you will take a moment to browse and enjoy!

Ways you can TAKE ACTION…

Contact our Local Government Officials
We have provided contact information for everyone on our bull’s eye list so that you can personally send emails and make phone calls to the politicians responsible for setting these plans in motion. It's important that they hear from you and your reasons for opposition, since we can't do this alone. Standing up and taking action is the only way for us all to win this!

Join our Team
We are building a proactive team of supporters in our private Facebook Group. Whether you are local or live in another State, everyone is welcome to join and help in any capacity they can. If you can share knowledge, help with research, make phone calls, volunteer to lead live events, design promotional literature, help us spread the word, etc... then we'd love to have you on board! Whatever you can contribute will be greatly appreciated. 

Like our Facebook Page
We would love you to join our community on Facebook and LIKE our Page. Social media is our way of providing you with a platform to be heard, and a way for us to reach a wider audience. We welcome your comments and any photos you might like to share on our timeline since we believe this becomes visual evidence to the governing forces, in turn giving our campaign even greater impact. So please come on over and say “hi”!

Donate to our Cause
We would greatly appreciate any donation you are able to give. To stop this stadium from being built the reality is we need legal representation but being just a small group of residents behind the scenes we need help paying for this. We are also in need of promotional supplies such as flyers, yard signs, bumper stickers, mailings, etc. so we can start knocking on doors and spreading the word on foot. So whether you can give $1, $5 or more, it doesn't matter... every dollar will add up and be super helpful!  Please email us at: for more information

Sign our Petition
When you sign this petition the below letter along with your signature will be emailed directly to each of the nine Union County Freeholders, the Mayor of Rahway, the Mayor of Clark, and to every single Council Member in both towns. The moment you click 'Sign' just know that your voice will be heard. 

We can't thank you enough for your support.

Together let's fight this proposed stadium and save our beloved Rahway River Park from irreversible harm!

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