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Save Property Values

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The purpose for this petition is to change the law and to protect property values. OHV vehicles in a residential neighborhood on properties smaller than 2 1/2 acres (Photo on this petition are two properties or homes 50' apart and just under 3/4 of an acre, not even an acre and the owner of the home doing the ATV activity rides in his front yard as well and on the lot next door to him as seen in photo with out written consent of owner of that property. 20 to 30 minutes from our homes is the largest Recreation area with land set aside for this ATV activity in the nation, it was set aside by BLM and SB County and yet this guy wants to distroy our property value. SB County says there is no proof of him riding on this lot next door to his property, photo is worth a thousand words you be the judge.) are a nuisance and danger to the health of neighbors from dust, fumes and noise and destroys property values,  when I approached the owner of the property with the ATV track in his back yard and asked him if he would take his ATVs to this Recreation area in the County and ride his ATVs his response was F### you it's my property and I will do what I want when I want . ATV activities should not be allowed with out the written approval of adjoining neighbors.(see Ord. #28.0401, 28.0404, 28.0406)  With out this change anyone in the County's Jurisdiction can have someone move in next door to them on a 1/2 acre parcel and mow down the backyard and ride as many ATVs as he wants, with no regard for the neighbors or property values. When we listed our property for sale we found out that you have to disclose everything even the ATV activity next door which made our property worth nothing because no one will buy it for market value. See Shapiro v Sutherland on disclosure laws. You would think that the San Bernardino County Sheriff Department would help, think again we call they do nothing they don't want any part of Disturbing the Peace problems, they have even canceled our calls. San Bernardino County should protect neighborhoods where neighbors homes are within 50' of each other from this activity because it lowers property values, instead they encourage this activity.

We went to our Supervisor Niel Derry for 4 years asking for help and the last time we spoke with him he told us while looking at the picture posted on this petition and said quote "It's not a track it has no concrete" and then told us I am not going to do anything I can't help you.


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