Save Point Reyes Station

Save Point Reyes Station

April 3, 2022
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Marin County Supervisor Dennis Rodoni
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chris Hulls

The County of Marin is close to approving a new list of housing sites that will forever alter the character of Point Reyes Station and the surrounding area. If development goes forward as planned, historic buildings, churches, and open lots in our rural downtowns will be replaced with the type of high density apartments that residents, visitors, and employees alike go to West Marin to escape. 

While there is a need for affordable housing, the current county plan, which was spearheaded by out of town consultants with few ties to the region, does not reflect the views of the constituents they were hired to represent. 

As Residents: We live here for nature, solitude, quiet and a small town feel. High density apartments, especially ones that replace our historic buildings, are antithetical to what drew us to this community.

As Visitors: We come here to escape suburbia and visit a region lost in time. We appreciate the nature, small town centers, and open space that are part of West Marin’s coastal communities; turning the region into another suburb is not the right answer.

As Workers: We work and commute here because we value being able to work in peace and nature. While we appreciate more affordable housing, the current plan, which relies on the density we seek to escape, does not represent our views or needs.

We call on our local representative, Dennis Rodoni, and the entire Board of Supervisors, to fight to keep West Marin rural and reconsider the current plan which strikes at the very heart of what draws so many to this area. 

While we hope the County can successfully fight the State’s attempt to subvert local control of the region, if extra development is mandated, we ask that the plan for Point Reyes and the surrounding areas be reconsidered based on the following first principles:

-Centralized high density units should be replaced with smaller units distributed through the broader area so as not to significantly alter our downtowns, which anchor the character of the region.

-Large developments, if planned, should be placed in areas that are not readily visible from heavily trafficked areas (e.g. walking routes, retail zones, and tourist areas),  and should be affordable (such as what is being implemented for the former Coast Guard housing complex).

-Historic buildings, including open industrial lots that provide an echo to the railway and ranching era, should remain largely untouched as they are what differentiates the region from more homogeneous planned neighborhoods and suburbs.

Our community is in danger. Even if the current proposed developments don’t fully come to fruition, this new list of housing sites sets a dangerous precedent. We seek to preserve the character of the region not just for ourselves, but for our children, grandchildren, and future generations of residents and visitors alike. We ask that the County hear our voice and keep Point Reyes rural. 

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Signatures: 434Next Goal: 500
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